Welcome to Erickson Creative!

Artist SallyE Icon at ericksoncreative.com, SallyE's websiteThis was formerly the home of my art business, Artist SallyE. Both of these are actually my – Sally Erickson’s – concerns, but you will now find Artist SallyE at a new URL,  ArtistSallyE.com. Isn’t that easy? No more combining the two.

What you have previously found here at ericksoncreative.com, you will now find at the new URL. All the blog articles, Contact form, About Sally, and the gallery are there. What’s even better, this new gallery is actually a store. You’ll be able to buy directly from me.

I addition, all my newest paintings will be at the new website rather than Etsy or ArtFinder. The new store will show you the different views and all the details too. Click on Zigzag Beach photo here to see what the new store is like.

In addition, I’m starting a subscription for interested collector, buyers, browsers to let you know what I’m working on and ask for your opinions on what I should be working on. Your response to my paintings and even the website means a lot to me. Please comment or drop me an email when your see something that needs a few words.

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