Welcome!Paintings by
Acrylic Artist Sally Erickson

A New Direction for Sally E

After many, many years of entrepreneurship, this girl has dropped out of the rat race and found her muse. I can’t do enough of this new endeavor – abstract acrylic painting. With at least one painting per day, you’ll find lots of paintings here in the portfolios below, and in my talk about my newest work in the blog, Sally Art News.

I’ve discovered just lately that my Bend, Oregon home town art buyers want nice mountain, skiing, fishing, nature-hopping, typically Central Oregon scenes. Obviously, my paintings are not usually to be anything specific, just suggestive. So if you were looking for a painting of a lake, you’re not going to find it here.

Most of these paintings are around 8″x 10″. Many newer paintings are 11×14″ and 12×12.” Let me know if you’d like me to take on something small sized for you.