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  • WordPress Beginners: Great Expectations

    You chose WordPress for your website so that you have control and access. You’ve chosen a theme, added a few posts and pages, and it’s up and running. Excellent.

  • What You Should Know about WordPress Free Themes

    WordPress tempts you with the Free Theme Bonanza Getting started with WordPress couldn’t be easier. One-click installation, directions to set up each part of the website via the WordPress installation online guides, add your logo and you’re there – a shiny new website.

  • Moving to WordPress: A Strategy for Success

    Changing your website software is a big step, make no mistake. All of my clients will agree that it is the one stumbling block that checks their enthusiasm for the move. Theirs is not necessarily a fear of change so much as fear of the unknown. How about if I fix that? Right now!   […]

  • Website Redesign Winner:
    Now It’s Newsy and Simple

    After evaluating, collecting new parts, and writing, writing, writing, we have come up with a new WordPress-running website redesign that does all its jobs well. See if you don’t agree. [This is the third part of a 3-part series on website redesign and improvement. If you missed the others, here are links for Part 1: […]

  • You have to do a Blog!

    You know how to write. That’s a plus and probably why you were picked for the job. Your concerns center around what you’re meant to write – the “what.” Add to that, the company website doesn’t have a blog now. This means you’re also in charge of setting it up with no directions or model […]

  • How to Improve Your Website Right Now

    Times are changing, but your website is standing still. On top of that, you can’t get at it! What’s the best approach? I’ll give you several options, but the core of this improvement is discovering what’s wrong (besides being out of date). Investigate business websites – any area, any size – of companies like yours. […]

  • Website Redesign Step 2: Collect, Write and Re-evaluate

    We’ve been evaluating a website to list the steps we need to take to improve it. Do you have a website that would benefit from the process? It’s best to do a complete evaluation now and have some goals in mind. Then, the next steps will be easier and much more effective. Now we’re into […]

  • Website Redesign Step 1: Where do you begin?

    If you were to find this website redesign candidate via a search, I’m sure that you would click away almost instantly. Why? You can’t find the answers you came to find. However, my website designer’s eye was so mystified by the collection of blunders, I decided this would be a good example to evaluate and […]

  • Here’s a Quick Way to Learn WordPress

    FOR NEW WORDPRESS USERS Are you thinking of going with WordPress, but you’re not anxious to learn another kind of software? I imagine you’re a little skeptical of anyone telling you it’s “really easy,” as those who already know how insist. I’ve looked around the Web to locate a video, a book, a series of […]